26 definitions by krystal

sucks cock
dat girls a bd
by krystal June 07, 2003
The most fun.( I had the funnest time last night at the movies).
That was the funnest music class I have ever had.
by krystal March 08, 2005
to do something with great enthusiasm or describes something that is overly done
Man, that toilet flushes with a vengeance. Meaning: the toilet flushes loud
by Krystal September 22, 2004
stupid/dumb.....(briney spears)
"luis,the first time i told you i loved you, i felt so crispy"
by krystal March 04, 2004
Slang term for vagina, usually used by children, replaces pee-pee. (Also see doofie)
I go pee-pee with my doofus.
I fell off my rollerskates and hurt my doofus.
by Krystal April 01, 2005

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