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Used in Montafon, Vorarlberg (State in Austria), it means drinking until you vomit
Gommr id Bura Hobel Bar ga Schwiemetzga
by kRYSTAL June 02, 2015
i think this whole thing is totally stupid and messed up ,over where i live im a punk guitar player i wear them b-cuz i think they look cool not 4 sex,plus over here we dont een use the meanings.and since 80s style is back ,the braclets will soon be out ne way cuz no one can pick out a fricken style.

if someone breaks mine ,give me one of urse.
i hate who ever started the sex braclet thing
by krystal July 22, 2004
n. An intelligent and sexy Iranian that knows how to use a hotel business center properly.
"Have you checked out that business center yet?"

"Uh huh," she said with an absent-minded expression. "Rashied and I checked it out last night."
by Krystal March 25, 2005
A country person stuck in the city. Somone who lives in the city and knows how to live both a city and country life.

(A name given to my by my friend Blaine.)
I am so proud to be cituntry! I know how to kick it back in the city aswell as the country.
by Krystal February 23, 2005
when there is nothing for dinner, so all you can do is lean back and grit your teeth
Matthew: "Mom, what's for dinner?"
Mother: "Just Lean Grit."
Matther: "Not again."
by Krystal March 30, 2006
The action the squeezing of vaginal muscles to prevent urination.
Oh my qeegie, I need to use the toilet NOW!
by Krystal April 01, 2005
allude is the act of using a word or phrase that has been used before and is well-known and can readily identify a situation. Most urban terms are actually allusions to past literature, songs, or iconic pop culture.
"et tu Brute" is an allusion to Ceasar but is used to describe to a friend how you can't believe he stabbed you in the back

"glitch in the system" is an allusion to The Matrix but describes a de-ja-vu
by Krystal September 21, 2004

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