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14 definitions by krys

Mind blowing sex!
"Holy shit man, I had some fucking mindi lastnight!"
by Krys December 12, 2003
150 57
For free.
"Here, Jim. You got divorced? Have a beer. On the house."
by Krys September 17, 2003
64 5
An insult much like faggot.
"Your such a gaywad"
by Krys May 07, 2005
40 40
it means you an ass hense the poo but i still like you hense the snick for snickers cause everyone loves snickers

or poosnickish meaning you being a ass but ur still cool
your such a poosnick

or ur poosnickish
by krys August 04, 2004
5 5
1.) a term used to express happiness
2.) something to say for lack of something better
1.)"i just won the lotto. . .YEAAAHAAA JON"
2.) YEAHHAAA JON or Yeaahhhaa jon?
by Krys July 06, 2003
1 1
expression of saying what the fuck AKA WTFUX or WTFUX0rZ
WHAT THE FUx0rs was she thinking?
by Krys January 13, 2004
4 8
With authority; superiority over others
"I wrote 'authoritive' on my English paper, and Mr. Gately thought it was real. Turns out the real word is 'authoritative."
by Krys October 02, 2003
9 13