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A nick-name for a man who is not circumsized.
Julie said that guy is a worm.
by kris December 22, 2004
Something you say when you have no comments available.
Also a term commonly used by Shawn.
'Look at that fatty'
by Kris April 02, 2003
Stands for Underage Boobies. While it can be used to describe the breasts of an under-18 year old girl, it is usually used to describe a hot under-18 year old girl that usually provokes a look-but-don't-touch reaction. Alternately it can describe a number of teenage girls when used in a blanket description such as "many UB".
Damn, did you see that UB over there?"

"Hey Jim, a whole busload of UB came into work today for 'Take Your Daughters To Work Day'"
by Kris February 05, 2004
the collest guy ever, h' supurior to every one, give kris hinds a holla "luudakriz" on aim
I love kris hinds, don't you.
by Kris July 16, 2003
Pwnd is internet slang. It is based on another popular word "ownd". Power + ownd = pwnd. And that's how you derive pwnd.
"You got pwnd"
"I just pwnd"
by kris September 26, 2004
An awesome rap parody straight out of Princeton.
Did you hear P Unit's new song? It totally trashed 50 cent and G Unit.
by Kris February 03, 2004
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