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1. A measure of determining sexual scoring prowess calculated by dividing total bases(1B=kissing, 2B=touching, 3B=oral, 4B=Sex) by the number of dated partners.

2. In baseball, a statistic to gauge power by dividing total bases by at bats.
After five dates and only one boob touch, John finished the 2010 dating season with a paltry .200 slugging percentage. However, he slugged a whopping .886 in for his company softball team.
by kris takahashi April 15, 2010
an orgy consisting primarily of cyborgs
It wasn't long after the machines gained sentience that the world's first cyborgy occurred.
by kris takahashi April 21, 2009
a police officer who strictly abides by the letter of the law
For a fundamentalist cop, a car going 27 in a 25 mph zone warrants a ticket.
by kris takahashi December 31, 2009
1. Two simultaneous end of the world scenarios.

2. An end of the world scenario so horrific that the word armageddon does not suffice.
Zombies AND Asteroids? It's double armageddon!

Not even Bruce Willis can stop double armageddon.
by kris takahashi December 23, 2008
a portmanteau of the words "chow down" and "down syndrome," meaning the loss of mental acuity following a hefty meal; aka food coma.
Is he alright?

He's fine. Just a bit of chow down syndrome.
by kris takahashi April 27, 2010
the female equivalent of "panties in a bunch," i.e., when a woman issues a complaint typically made by males.
A: "Shopping again? But we just went yesterday."
B: "Alright, alright Sally, don't get your jock in an itch."
by kris takahashi April 13, 2010
A cutting edge technology that is grossly overpriced, quickly outdated or just plain unnecessary, resulting in significant financial burden or buyer's remorse.
Instead of paying the rent, Al spent his $599 on a slitting edge iPhone.
by kris takahashi May 03, 2010

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