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one who uses antipathy towards gay marriage for political or monetary gain.
despite being a raging homosexual, many politicians must become queermongers in order to get elected by an intolerant public.
by kris takahashi December 10, 2007
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One who desperately hunts queers (homosexual males of the homo sapien species) in a desire to forcibly insert his penis (the human males genitalia) in the queer's anus (the hole used for defecation). The queer monger will then refuse to share his new fuck post with anyone and keep it (because queers are objects of amusment, not humans) all to him (or her if a strap- on is involved) or herself. They will protect their new diddling hole to the point of raping and decapitating any would be invaders on their territory. Avoid this dangerous creature at all costs, because they will try to use their mongering on heterosexuals ass well if in the mood.
Stay away from that Alex Peacock little Timmy. He's a Queer Monger!
by Rick Maher August 08, 2007
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