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shit in Japanese. not censored on tv.
kuso tabete shine!
(eat shit and die!)
by KRHimself January 03, 2004
Pine Hills is a slum located west of downtown Orlando.
Mostly inhabited by drug dealers, bank robbers, and people with bleak or no hopes of making it out. Its nickname is "Crime Hills."
1: Yeah, I drove through Pine Hills yesterday.
2: How the hell did you make it out alive?
by KRHimself October 03, 2004
nickname of Seattle.
Seatown rocks your toolbox.
by KRHimself August 24, 2004
a complete asshole. so much of a fucker that he/she doesn't belong in this planet. See shitfucker.
Kim Jong Il is a cuntface.
by KRHimself December 15, 2003
See Japan.
It's what the Japanese call their own country.
by KRHimself May 29, 2004
the best player in baseball today.
forget your home runs and MVP talks... Ichiro is simply the best player in MLB.
by KRHimself October 02, 2005
a hilarious video from the 90's featuring a black "preacher" who read off of a Bible that looks like a phone book, claimed to "come in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit," cussed almost every other word, and accused the callers of being devil worshippers. also noted for its weird camera work and great dialogues with his audience. it's an ABSOLUTE must-see footage.
the devil is a muthafuckin liar, so you know i ain't worried, BIOTCH!

listen and appreciate the words of the Spirit of Truth.
by KRHimself May 10, 2006
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