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n. an alternative term for the game World of Warcraft as it is so fucking boring. Used most frequently when watching somebody else play.

also: World of Borecraft
Observer: Can we do something other than watch you play World of Snorecraft?

Player: In a minute, I'll just finish these quests.

Observer: Don't forget to eat.
by kreebilicus July 08, 2009
n. a pisspoor attempt at growing a thin, weak moustache, as popularised by the Manchester United footballer Gary Neville and teenage boys who haven't yet shaved.

A shit moustache.

Bum fluff.
Look at that shit attempt at a moustache. That's a Gary Neville moustache if ever i saw one.
by kreebilicus July 18, 2009
An illogical or irrational fear of stuffed animals. Some sufferers may believe the mounted animals will suddenly come alive and try to attack him/her, others may think they could be impaled on horns or lacerated by claws or teeth should the piece fall on them.

Also known as taxidermy phobia.
I can't walk through the taxidermy exhibit of the Natural History Museum without sweating profusely and getting palpitations because of my taxidermiphobia.
by kreebilicus June 01, 2012
An alcohol-based felt-tipped marker pen that smells like marzipan. An example would be the Pentel MARKER MS50.
Despite the headache, nausea, black nose and vomiting I could just not stop sniffing the marzipen. Mmmmmmmmarzipen.
by kreebilicus January 04, 2010
Being in a state of extreme inebriation due to the excessive consumption of marijuana; very stoned.
I can't remember what I had on that pizza, man. I was totally congo-bongo eyed.
by kreebilicus July 08, 2009
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