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A person on Urban Dictionary who makes up shit words and tries to be funny with the definition
person:yo man wheres our booze that i told you to get from across the street

Fat Tony: TF:Dg

by krazydave June 27, 2010
1. A nickname that can be given to someone who is a complete dickhead.

2.instead of callng someone a nob, you stress the silent k. can also be spelt kay nob"
" you are one big k nob"
by krazydave September 13, 2009
just another word for man boobs
wow that guy had the biggest topplers i have ever seen!
by krazydave October 21, 2009
a backyard kegger is a party in the back garden of someones house.

For it to qualify as a backyard kegger it must have at least one beer keg and a lot of other alcohol.

Usually there is also a pool in which people can get drunk in and have a rave, music is also played to an excessive volume.
Tom "wow daves backyard kegger was so awesome.... remember?"

by krazydave September 17, 2009
A short way of saying that your proposal was refused.
" did he like your idea"

"no it was profusaled"
by krazydave September 13, 2009
a code word for gangsters who are making illegal money.
"weve got a whole case of prints out back"
by krazydave September 13, 2009
an abreviation of the two words friggin and wicked
"di you see extreme sports last night"

"yeah it was fricked"
by krazydave September 13, 2009

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