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an nigga who don't mean nothin 2 nobody
even they motha don't like em
guy1:yo u still roll wit j-murder
guy2:naaaz dukes he a diduntdidunt
by Kool-Aid November 23, 2004
"thow dem fukin crabz n da buket brrrat"said da blood
by Kool-Aid July 16, 2004
1.a means of tryn 2 get sum1's attention
2.when u tryn 2 holla at a girl
1.wat aaap nigga ayuuuuuuuur wat aaap nigga ayuuuuuuur
2.ayuuuuuuuuuuuur holla bak ayuuuuuuuuurr
by Kool-Aid July 16, 2004
when a girl gets horny
Yo son i spitin ill G 2 dis bird I had her goin all wopy top n shit
by Kool-Aid October 13, 2004
when u have quickie wit a bird
guy:famz i heard u n rasheeda wuz goin all night,son
2nd:nah B,it was just a speedbump
by Kool-Aid September 11, 2004
1.a girl u fuckin around wit
1.yo me n my niggaz ran a train on dat bird d otha day, son.
2.famz,n i need 2 get these birds ona street.
by Kool-Aid September 10, 2004
it means 2 pipe a bitch
guy1:famz yo i luv my girl nichole
guy2:nichole who live by 7-11
guy2:yo dead her son i was talkn 2 her d otha day i went ova her house
guy1:did u disect?
guy2:yeah son
by Kool-Aid September 19, 2004
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