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1. One who takes an unnecessarily large amount of showers.

2. One who's head is made up of poo.
Get that ph out of the shower.

by Kon March 23, 2003
A term used by one to secretly inform others he has to immediately take a shit, saving himself from embarrasment.
aru: what's wrong, Venom?
Venom: brb, car crash.
by Kon April 10, 2005
One fine ass motherfucker, though a sick sadistic bastard.
You see that guy over there? He's a kon with style.
by Kon December 19, 2003
Act of befriending someone then betraying them when they need you the most.
Paul Says,"Hi mang, rejoin slash you up." mang responds, "Okay i love slash you and want to be in it forever"... next day mang is a mangsistNt and joins clubgayce
by kon May 02, 2004
The vagina of a dead femail corpse. Also known as a "jody"
That corpse's corpsegina(jody) is gross!
by Kon December 15, 2004
CJ aka Bladeshot. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
CJ is full of whiny, teenage ANGST.
by KON September 03, 2004
a dumbass motherfucker that comes to this website to look up these words that we make up
this student has been sayin this word so i better take my dumbass on the net to look for it,because these kids cant have fun with their words.
by kon August 02, 2003
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