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Sentiment that has risen in the computer geek community that opposes hard work, perseverance, and good old fashioned capitalist competition.
While open source is a completely valid direction to go with computing, certain agoraphobic uber-geeks (usually 35 y/o morbidly obese virgins who live on cheetos, kid porn, and battlestar gallactica) resent Bill Gates and his company for their colossal success over the past couple decades. Their animosity likely arises from the fact that they have never done anything useful in their entire lives, despite being very skilled on computers, so they turn their ill-will toward someone who they wish they could become.
Similar to anti-apple.
Human: Hey Frotto, check out my new Zune. It's 20 GB!

Douche: Oh sorry, I'm anti-microsoft. Therefore, I won't even look at it.

Human: Uh. Ok. By the way, I was supposed to remind you to call your mom and ask her to bring home cupcakes for your 38th birthday.. you know since you still live with her.


Loser: I just spent 34 hours straight compiling and sourcing to get my messaging application to work on Fedora.

Dude: That sounds... fun... Damn, I gotta take 30 seconds and register my new Windows 7.

Loser: You're a sheep! Fuck Microsoft! There always trying to control everything! Trying to monopolize and categorize everything and everyone. Fuck them! I don't live by anyone else's rules! Except my own!
by knucklech1ld July 29, 2009
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