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fake, not real, a lie
Jacob tried to sell me a phony Rolex watch.

Marcus told a phony story about how he stole a Caddilac Escalade.
by Knowledge November 09, 2003
In the USA it is the shortened form of the word spiggoty. An alteration of spig is spic.
In the US, insisting that all documents be translated to Spanish is rather insulting to Spanish-speakers because it suggests that all Spanish-speaking individuals are spigs.
by knowledge February 21, 2005
Meaning Nowa days is Realy Angry, Mad, Disgusted.
When your very mad over something like ex. someone smits you or shows u no respect it make you *Tight* because of it. YOU ARE ANGRY.
by Knowledge December 23, 2002
Ability to do something extremely wells
I got mad skillz on this set of turn tables
by knowledge March 12, 2003
Short for Police Officer
That Muthafuckin police Officer pulled me over and took my sticky icky.
by Knowledge November 09, 2003
Being the best in everything...Top of the line...Someone that noone can fuck with
God Damn...I'm a Gee
by knowledge March 12, 2003
the best classification of ass-shape that a white girl can hope for. it's shaped like a teardrop and only looks good in the right pair of pants.

see also: onion
damn that white girl got a onion!

nah son, that's just a teardrop, look at the shape
by knowledge August 27, 2004

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