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(Pronounced ex-hi-BITCH-in)

A public display of emotion, or PDOE , about an ex, mainly consisting of animosity but sometimes sadness.
Josh: "I can't believe she dumped me, that stupid slut".

Kenny: "Dude, enough with the exhibitchions already. She dumped you 6 months ago.
by kishmich August 03, 2009
Someone who is constantly leaving out attachments when sending e-mails, has Attachment Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). (Similar to Attention Deficit Disorder, but with attachment's).
Mike: email RE: You gotta see this wicked vid!!!

Jeff: opens blank email Huh? There's nothing here! That dudes got Attachment Deficit Disorder
by Kishmich August 13, 2008
(n) An easy way out of explaining unemployment or a euphemism for being unemployed.
Jill: So what exactly do you do for a living?
Michael: I'm a Reality Show Writer.
Jill: Wow, that sounds very interesting.
Michael: Well, it's actually quite boring, if you must know.
by kishmich April 27, 2010
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