38 definitions by kirk

to kill something thats already dead
jimmy over-died after being tossed down a ravine, with lit dynomite.
by kirk July 17, 2005
To be one with the earth and the mountains. To learn that life is always simpler once you put it in perspective
Johnny was so Takeyama once he figured out that he had some direction in life.
by kirk March 14, 2005
this is someone who is beyond a stud. when someone does something so amazing, you call them a shteeed.
matt conners is trying to mack on all the ladies that he can, what a shteeed!
by kirk November 22, 2004
A moronic fucker who acts black.
Joe: That kid is such wills.
John: Like Chris.
Joe: Yeah, he's a queef.
by Kirk July 10, 2003
1. Used as a substitute for Rock On.

2. Used to say you are about to leave.
Ned: Yeah Dude, Jolly On!

Ted: This party sucks, I'm about to Jolly On
by Kirk August 05, 2004
Something extraordinarily spiffy, broken down into uber and spiffy.
That is an uber spiffy car.
by Kirk April 13, 2005
A fucking gay german word that we know is bad mouthing us but don't know what it means so it's fairly funny and is used in stupid situations
You a dirty God jesus German Mishengalem!!!
by Kirk February 25, 2005

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