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to have a Real Life Drama on The Internet with someone else
"shawn hasnt been online in 5 days now i think hes dating someone else!! or hes blocked me from msn, i think im going to rid myself from this horrible world, i HATE my life".
by Kipwar March 11, 2004
to chicken out of something
what you doing you jibass you cant handle it???
by kipwar October 06, 2003
Someone who has an Head(along with the haircut) shaped like a dildo/Penis
Anyone with a Wedge hairstyle or a really short cut side and long on top
by kipwar March 11, 2004
the female version for e-penis
"when they never give up argueing over forums/chatrooms etc and feel there e-tits have been hurt so they must make them bigger"
by Kipwar March 11, 2004
Doing something extremely Stupid when your Wasted from Beer/Drugs

Orig (Uk)
"Man your such a Lenard i cant believe you did that"
by Kipwar March 11, 2004
A less rude term to call someone a fucker(orig UK lancashire)
"your a right Frazzle you should have told me you was going"
by Kipwar May 13, 2004

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