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a man who has mastered the stoner maneuver. one who can convince others at a party to bring them things without ever leaving the couch.
mike: "hey brenda can you pass me that lighter..."
brenda gets up from her seat and gets the lighter and passes it. while she is up...
mike: "while ur up can you get us a couple beers?"
brenda: "sure :)"
juan: "dude...nice stoner-maneuver!"
stoner-maneuver is often said in a high pitched and rapid style so only those in the know understand
by kindsir44 June 14, 2009
A reply intended to show fault as well as ridiculousness in an opponents argument. By integrating the word "butthole" you add insult to ur opponent and added fun by saying "butthole"
Lebron only won the mvp over wade and kobe because he is black...what is your rebutthole!?!? blay!
by kindsir44 June 15, 2009
When a guy blows his gizz load deep in a girls arse and then slurps it up as she poops it back out of her anal forest back into his mouth.
Bill: hey dude what did you do last night?
Dude: I one-up'd your "ranch" and went thousand island on your mom!!!
by kindsir44 June 24, 2009

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