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3 definitions by kindlydank

(n.) The bedazzled back pockets on some ladies' pants.
That bitch had so much butt bling it snagged and ripped the passenger seat!
by kindlydank May 31, 2009
9 1
An overzealous fan of Twitter.
"I thought you were going to drop the kids off at the pool...?"

"I am, I just had to tweet about it first."

"You freakin' twit!"
by kindlydank April 16, 2009
29 34
A politician elected to the position of President on a platform of "change". Apparently he defines "change" as the appointment of all of Clinton's ex-staffers to his administration.
I wonder what position President-Elect Obama will give Monica Lewinsky.
by kindlydank December 07, 2008
16 88