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A penis of huge proportions, being larger than a megacock but still smaller than a teracock.
she: woooooow!! look at that gigacock!

he: it's fake.
#penis #dick #size #giga #tera #mega
by killerdove November 23, 2011
A penis of the largest possible size ever. Larger than a gigacock.
she: did you hear about jenna? she slipped into a coma after joe did her with his teracock.
#penis #dick #size #giga #tera
by killerdove November 23, 2011
An old-school Indian weight-training implement. Consists of a solid steel spherical mass (usually about 10 kilogram and above) attached to a solid steel handle, giving it an appearance similar to a huge metal lolly-pop. Can also be used as a very capable weapon.
she: OMG Joe, your dumb macebell just cracked the floor tiles!
#weight training #gym #mace #exercise #india
by killerdove November 12, 2011
An utterly foolish and obnoxious person who is so incurably self-righteous in his/her beliefs that he/she will go to any extent to defend them irrespective of whether they are right or grossly wrong.
Look at the dick ninny vegans attacking the BBQ shack.
by killerdove December 23, 2015
A sick retard.
ewwwww.... what kind of sicktard crapped on the toilet seat?
#sick #retard #asshole #idiot #despicable
by killerdove November 23, 2011
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