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A penis of huge proportions, being larger than a megacock but still smaller than a teracock.
she: woooooow!! look at that gigacock!

he: it's fake.
by Killerdove November 23, 2011
An old-school Indian weight-training implement. Consists of a solid steel spherical mass (usually about 10 kilogram and above) attached to a solid steel handle, giving it an appearance similar to a huge metal lolly-pop. Can also be used as a very capable weapon.
she: OMG Joe, your dumb macebell just cracked the floor tiles!
by Killerdove November 12, 2011
A metaphor that means to end a dispute, reach a treaty, or plainly speaking, make peace with an opponent. Draws from the Native American tradition of smoking the calumet as a sign of a treaty between warring chiefs.
I have never really seen eye to eye with Bob on budget allocations, but today we could smoke the peace pipe.
by Killerdove November 20, 2011
A sick retard.
ewwwww.... what kind of sicktard crapped on the toilet seat?
by Killerdove November 23, 2011

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