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expression indicating extreme anger and/or
pain. see motherfucker
jayquan: yo nice kicks
shawn: thanx
jayquan: watch out for that pile of nasty shit!!......
shawn: what? aw, god damn motherfucking shitty fucking shit fuckers! i just bought these!!
by killa March 03, 2005
Also known as "Druglaney", Dulaney is a large high school in baltimore county known for its lacrosse and soccer teams. Also the location where kids go to once kicked out of one of the many neighboring private schools. Large diversity of students including the very wealthy to very ghetto. Although there is no uniform, Ralph Laurens Polo clothing line is highly worn (no popped collars) and khakis of all colors. The guys hair style of choice is long shaggy and unkempt (not gelled). Guys drive any kind of jeep, possibly lifted and covered with mud, while the girls drive volkswagons with atleast one roxy sticker on the back. At parties, Dulaney kids are known for the following. Vulgar chants, stealing and/or wrecking the owners posessions and turfing lawns. Approximately 68% of students will eventually become an alchoholic or develope a drug addiction before their freshman year of college.
by killa April 20, 2005
a person that is white, does not have to be a boy, usually a deragatory and rascist term
that white boy cant dance fo shit
by killa September 22, 2003
Sexy as hell, too hot to handle.
Dude, I feel so Manaf in this suit.
by KilLa June 09, 2004
almighty people's nation..../\^/\^/\....5 poppin 6 droppin, 5 sippin 6 drippin
I serve ALMIGHTY and only da ALMIGHTY 5!
by Killa April 20, 2005
a vagina with a rancid yeast infection.
no...no I will not touch your vaginaloaf.there is enough bread comnig out of that thing to feed ethiopia
by killa September 04, 2003
someone that smells like an unclean cock
man go shower you fucking cocksmell
by killa September 11, 2003
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