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sf bay area version of crunk
"hyphy the same way the south get crunk"
by kidd December 23, 2003
An expression used when someone does something very noob-like. Usually used by gamers.
Oh my noob, did he just kill you?!? You suck dude, seriously. I mean, you're the worst. I can't believe you even picked up the controller. Just go home dude. I mean, Oh my noob. Seriously. Noob..... Gah
by kidd October 12, 2004
cheap ass plastic Lighters you get for about 99p/per1000 and the break like MoFo's from broadway!
"Pass me that that biff-ie Jester son!"
"no juice man, its busted again!"
by kidd March 06, 2004
An attractive female whom acts like a donkey (eg dumb as fuck) and has realy disgusting habits, while under the influence of alcohol.
Bill: Wow shes kind of hot!

Ted: No way, that girls a total Swamp Donkey, she just swated right in front of us, and she only had half a pint!
by Kidd February 18, 2004
what's up?(only works on the telephone)
hello?hello?Spankin'?!nothin' holmes!Spankin' wit you?
by kidd December 09, 2004
something a camp technology teacher once said to me, it caused great amsument at the time!
"Joseph! you dont want to screw around with those bad boys!"
by kidd March 06, 2004

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