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When somebody wants to schedule something with you, but you don't want to use a pen to finalize it in your calendar because that person is a loser. If something better comes along -- you can erase it.
Sure, I'd love to watch slides from your trip to the Grand Canyon -- I'll pencil you in.
by Kid May 20, 2004
People who incorrectly spell Polack
Both the other definition submitters
by kid June 19, 2003
End of grade Tests. What kids in my school from grades 3-8 at the end of the school year. We just finished ours after 3 days.
Man, I can't wait till those fucking eogs are over!
by kid May 26, 2004
an asshole robot on AIM.
not really much to say other than she's an asshole.
by kid November 18, 2003
A word that can be used as any part of speech and includes any desirable meaning.
I cagnised all over her face and followed up with a nice cagnis shot all over her cagnis.
by kid April 25, 2003
Verb. To vomit, or more specifically, projectile vomit
Oh my god, after I douple-dropped those white hearts I had the biggest haever outside the club.
by Kid June 20, 2004
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