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Someone who watches "Pinky and the Brain" too much. Also a narfist is someone whos brain has been rotted out because they are narfistic.
The narfistic narfist, had trouble finding his door when he woke up.

... actually he didn't find it at all... I think he's still in there... better let him out......
by kewler-than-u April 14, 2005
A word that can be used in as any part of a sentence. With one exception, it cannot have any sexual conantation to it.
Man that kid is a bliff'n retard
by kewler-than-u April 14, 2005
Someone who is way too wrapped up in those Harry Potter books, movies, and games.

Your friend might be a potterhead for any of the following reasons...
1. They wait in line 5 days before the new movie comes out.

2. They wait even moreso in line to get the book.

3. They OWN everybook...

4. They went to the theatre more than twice to see it.

5. They bought and watched it more than twice in the same day...

6. They can define or identify any of the following.
a. Quidditch
b. A Snitch
c. They know the name of He-Who-Shall-not be named.
d. Allohamora
e. Wingardium leviosa
f. Snape...

Other symptoms might include,
dizzyness, vomiting, red eyes, dresses like a dork, says anyone with long hair and glasses looks like Harry Potter...
That kid is such a bliff'n potterhead
by kewler-than-u April 14, 2005
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