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18 definitions by kevnar

When a character, usually a mentor of some sort, in a movie, novel, comic book, or TV show dies and then comes back as a ghost to continue adding to the story, the same way Obi-Wan did in Star Wars IV.
Just about every Stephen King story has someone pulling an Obi-Wan. Nobody ever stays dead for good. Japanese RPGs too.
by kevnar October 12, 2008
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To be in tune with the latest styles, lingo, skills, or information. Mostly used in reference to someone who isn't -- one who doesn't feel your speed. Usually said by someone way ahead of the crowd in trends, fashion, skills, or information. Used in reference to a race where one is among (or no where near) the leaders and can (or can't) feel the roar of the other engines.

1. That punk don't even feel my speed, and he ain't never gonna.

2. Feel my speed, bitch! (Catch up to where I am)

3. Now you're feelin' my speed.

4. I whipped his ass so bad in one-on-one, he couldn't even feel my speed.

5. That brotha came so fast she couldn't even feel his speed. (sometimes it's a bad thing.)
by kevnar July 31, 2006
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A comment in a YouTube video that simply repeats a line from the video, word for word, with no other comment than an LOL. It comes across as pointless squawking from a flock of parrots.

Now with the new timecode linking, parrots don't even need to type out the line. They can just type in the timecode and a link shows up.
Comment: "You ain't savin' no college money. You're saving bail money! LMAO!"
Reply: "Parrot Squawk."

Comment: "2:46 LMFAO!"
Reply: "Parrot Squawk."
by kevnar December 31, 2008
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From Forest Gump. Said to someone who predicted or promised something that never quite showed up, as in the mountains of shrimp Forest prayed for. The implication is that it may show up yet, but you doubt it.
Robert: "You said it was supposed to be sunny today? Where the hell's this god of yours?"

John: "You gotta see this guitar player, man! He's like better than Jimmy Page!"
Tim (forty-five minutes later): "Where the hell's this god of yours?""
by Kevnar January 28, 2008
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(noun) Synonymous with booty call and FWB, a girl who you're not in a relationship with, but who will drop everything and come over to have sex with you the minute you ask. She is said to be standing-by, just waiting for your call, shelved as it were. A stand-by is usually a girl who really likes you and wants to be in a relationship with you, and keeps putting out, hoping you'll change your mind, and you just keep stringing her along for the easy sex. Women can have stand-bys too, but its usually more about dating than sex for them.
1. Daniel: "Man, am I ever horny tonight!"
Jonas: "Don't you have any stand-bys? Call up that Andrea chick. She'll come over and do you."

2. Krista: "I have no one to go to the dance with on Friday!"
Marie: "Call Keith. Isn't he your regular stand-by?"
by kevnar February 15, 2007
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(verb, noun) An intimate activity where you go forehead-to-forehead, eye-to-eye with someone, and lift your hands to block out all light, creating a small personal space between you and the person you're facehugging. A facehug is usually accompanied by a kiss, although the point is usually intimate, private eye contact.
"Dave and Maria were facehugging for like an hour in the hallway outside the cafeteria. Those two are so in their own little world."

"Come here, baby. I wanna face hug you."
by Kevnar February 10, 2007
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"They're fucked now..." Muttered in a movie theater at a point in the show when imminent doom descends upon a group of characters. Or, if it's only one person, HFN or SFN for "He's fucked now" or "She's fucked now".
Dan: "Ha ha! The bomb's gonna go off on 15 seconds and they just dropped the wire cutters down the sewer drain!"
Bill: "Ha ha! TFN!"

Gary: "Hanging onto the cliff with bloody fingernails, and the bad guy steps up with a shotgun. HFN..."
by kevnar April 05, 2008
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