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From the philosophy of best-selling author and spiritualist Eckhart Tolle, a pain-body is the collective manifestation of all the pain, misery, and sorrow a person has ever gone through their entire life, and all the things they inherited from their culture and family history as well. A person's pain-body feeds and strengthens itself by making themselves and others miserable. Tolle suggests that when someone is trying to pick a fight with you, piss you off, or just generally be a nuisance, it's simply their pain-body trying to feed. When someone is constantly on your ass about something, trying desperately to make your life miserable, they're said to have a very dense pain-body.
John: "Man, that Mary-ann is a walking pain-body if I ever saw one. She's been trying to piss me off all day."

Pete: "Then you probably shouldn't have married the bitch, huh?"

John: "Fuck you."
by Kevnar May 04, 2008
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