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3 definitions by kevingdavis

A condition caused by potential intruders when attempting to enter an occupied bathroom stall.
I sit in fear during the busy morning hours in the bathroom expecting someone, at any moment, to interrupt my bio-break by shaking the stall door. It happens constantly and now I live with Stallshock.
by kevingdavis January 13, 2009
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Someone in the right place at the right time who records a newsworthy event and then shares that raw content with others.
Did you see that rawporter video of the the president falling asleep during a state dinner?
by kevingdavis December 04, 2010
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All the useless spots that one visits in the course of corporate travel.
In my last role I felt as though I had already traveled neverywhere.
by kevingdavis September 25, 2008
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