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A very attractive female that exhibits great beauty and sexiness while maintaining cute lovable charm
Ashley is a cutie-pie!
by Kevin April 23, 2004
v. to "shut the fuck up," an acronym known as stfu.
1. tell that fucking teacher to stafoo.
by Kevin January 12, 2004
The euphamish the federal government uses for sex. Doesn't make sense unless you know what "carnal knowledge" is. Otherwise it seems like the government is defining rape as knowing something about females.
"Rape is the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will."
by Kevin December 10, 2005
A person that has a vagina that is really big and can fit two tampons in it.
Ben said that girl had a wide-set vagina.
by Kevin May 04, 2004
The WRONG way to spell Lil Jon.
It's Lil JON, morons, not Lil John. No H.
by Kevin June 24, 2005
1. a band

2. what happens when you run out of Alpo.
Louie Anderson was so hungry he ate my skinny puppy.
by Kevin July 26, 2004
Harry Potter fan's pet-form (if you will) of Lord Voldemort, the villian of the series. Used in refering to the Dark Lord in a casual or capricious way, which we can do because we're not terrified of him like the wizarding world of the books is (no wizard in the books would dare utter the name "Voldy", because it would be the rough equivalent of calling Hitler "Hitley" or something---basically, it just wouldn't fly). Also probably used because "Voldy" is a lot shorter than "Voldemort".
Then we discover that he could have possibly been in Harry's place if Voldy would have marked him instead of Harry.
by Kevin July 25, 2004

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