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a cocky, arrogant person
this fat chester and his looser friends think they can get along with that arrogant attitude..
by kelamist January 09, 2012
shelter house for woman
since there have been more than 150 women murdered this year out of jealousy or other -so called- moral issues in Turkey, more feminests are needed for residential areas so that women can leave the danger zone and have a peaceful place to put their lives back in order
by kelamist January 04, 2012
post traumatic stress disorder triggered by bad memories
women who've been sexually abused in a certain period of their life tend to live the bitterfly effect even when they're watching TV or listening to news
by kelamist February 26, 2012
the initiation to end a conflict
northern cypriots have taken a chocostep towards the greek a few years ago but the greek side refused to take theirs
by kelamist January 04, 2012
the words, the looks, the gestures which would mean a lot between two close friends but the people around
my long time friend ersan and i have made up a buddy language we called "bhirzani" which would not only help us make fun of stuff secretly but share the messages which we wouldn't want others to hear, too.
by kelamist January 20, 2012
the necessary but fictious democracy for the arabs of the greater middleast project and for the general and ruthless exploitation of the mass audiences
gulf fiction must be given some credit for the evolution of arms and energy heroes of today and the future. thanks to those heroes for turning our world in to shit.
by kelamist January 19, 2012
a person who differnatiates him/herself from the public as being and coming out as gay
the unbearable lightness of gaynosticism helps gays be and act more gay than they were before they came out
by kelamist February 02, 2012

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