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The turd lodged in the recesses of your colon that refuses to pass.
Bran muffin and the double prune smoothie be damned, that was one hell of a colon camper.
by kdbamaman November 16, 2012
The seductive art of performing oral sex on a homeless person while they are simultaneously feasting on the contents of your dinner's to-go box.
I really wanted to give the homeless guy an Hobo Blumpkin but he doesn't eat pork.
by kdbamaman November 11, 2012
Derived from the term Hairy Scary (excessive pubic hair). The Harry Caray Hairy Scary occurs when you find public hair on your Chicago-style deep dish pizza.
Holy cow! The pizza was awesome; at least until I found the Harry Caray Hairy Scary. Not sure how that got there.
by kdbamaman November 18, 2012
The components that regulate the suction action of a penis enlargement device. Often mistaken for Semen's Boner Technology.
I got a big stiffy, thanks to Johnson Controls.
by kdbamaman November 18, 2012
A sense of biological urgency; knowing that if you release the pucker of your cheeks, there will be brownage on a biblical scale.
Honey, I can't walk any faster - I have a frisky biscuit.
by kdbamaman November 08, 2012

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