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The most beautiful thing you ever saw. Spontanious, fun and perfect in every way I'll love him forever.
Fozz is here :-D
How ace is Fozz?
by Kayt April 28, 2005
too cute to simply be described as such, more emphasis needed
awww, that baby is so cy00t!
by Kayt June 17, 2004
meaning something that is excellent. you say this when you are excited to do something or go somewhere.
i cant wait to go to the shop it's gonna be wickedy wickedy wild wild west!
by kayt October 18, 2004
A sexy mutha who is so totally owned and needs to get his ass round here more often cos I want it ;)
I love Macna :P
by Kayt June 17, 2004
to mean you are hungry. hank marvin=starvin. get it?
I need to have some lunch 'cos i'm hank!
by kayt October 18, 2004
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