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2 definitions by kattums94

a paigee is a great gal, one who you can relate to and one you can trust. everyone should find a paige as a friend
girl1: omg... that girl is soooo nice!
girl2: no duh! she is a paigee!
girl1: oh... wait... i dont get it!
girl2: omg... all paiges are great! jeez!
by kattums94 April 21, 2009
a girl who likes to have fun and eat junk food! is not afraid to tell her man how she feels. shes faithful!
guy1: my girl is sooo good in bed
guy2: do you reckon she'll give me a go?
guy1: no way shes a cody girl!
guy2: damn, i really need a cody girl!
by kattums94 April 21, 2009