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They're from Georgia, guys.
Hashmeer, Blade, and Rex grew up in Georgia where they learned from Zell Miller the REAL reason Americans suck.
by kasamayomama December 09, 2004
"1337-$p34k" for served, the past tense of serve. Seen in the title of break-dancing movie "You Got Served," people have found it necessary to use this as a variation of "pwnd."
omfg j00 ju$7 g0t s3rvd, f00L!
öpö öpö öpö S3RVD!
S3rvd w4s j00
by kasamayomama February 03, 2004

Skawiis: yes
Skawiis: you
Skawiis: did
kasamayomama: I never put anything like "proper noun"
kasamayomama: in my definitions
Skawiis: you did that
kasamayomama: and I'd put something like, "A FLAMING FAGGOT OF DOOM"
kasamayomama: in fact
kasamayomama: I'm doing that now
by Kasamayomama May 08, 2005
Variant of newby, newbish, newb-esque, n00bx0rz, nubisaurous rexzz. Meaning a singular newb, or the aspect of being a newb.
nubly ass f4g. OMFG
:O wut a nubly!!!11111`one
pwnd, nubly
by kasamayomama February 03, 2004
"1337" for cyber.
Dude, I'm getting paid so much for this cyb0r!
i = teh cyb0r :D:D:D:D:D
by kasamayomama February 03, 2004
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