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When a bodypart has been altered to make it bigger. The effect is generally ugly and fake looking.
R: Did you hear that Pam Anderson got ANOTHER boob job?
H: EWWW!! Are they booblified?
R: Totally!!
by kane May 15, 2004
Expletive usually reserved for children attempting to avoid a stinging insect.
What...? Is that a...? Oobi! Aaaaaugggh!
by Kane December 14, 2003
the cock loving mouth of a stank biatch.
"Dylan Quandt needs to shut his dirty cock hole."

"Look at the cock hole on that chick!"
by Kane March 16, 2003
any obvious lying fucking primate bi-pedal asshole espousing falsehoods out of it's rectum-like mouth orifice. i.e.-a liar.Everything that falls out of these creatures is pure shit,hence-"shit monkey"
George W. Bush is actually websters picture example if you look closely to the right of the definition. Right next to the phrase-"blatant shitmonkeyness". There are countless numbers of these creatures among us unfortunately. They can be readily identified, and one can tell when they are lying as you will notice the mouth orifice is open.
by KANE August 03, 2004
An RTS/RPG by Blizzard entertainment.
Popular, but painfully linear.
Essentially StarCraft with updated graphics and differant units.

Not as interesting as Command and Conquer.
Not as epic as Homeworld.
Not as many units as Total Annihilation.
WarCraft is alright.
But simply cannot compare to C&C or Homeworld.
by Kane April 03, 2005
A short cool, slang word for XBC - XBox Connect. Only cool cats say this. Not to be mistaken with the above definition. X Clan.
"VRRRRRRMMMMM....wanna go on connect?"
by Kane April 19, 2005

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