One position kill
Hack in fps games which lets a person kill everyone without moving, due to everyone vaccumed in front of him. Generally used by people who can't play.
Person 1: zomg opk
Person 2: kick him
Person 3 (hacker): WTF
by kaldoscope October 13, 2009
Other People's Kids. Simple as that
I love my kids to death, but I usually feel the need to strangle OPK's.
by yankeemofo March 11, 2009
A group of infamously hated juniors from Gertz-Ressler High school! They are wicked awesome and give the seniors a backhand whip of being exciting. The OPK's are the Original Party Kidds and can kick anyones ass anytime, in anything, and anywhere!
awesome, juniors, OPKs used to be Dem Party Boy and Girls
by Pinkiie Rocksz, Killuh Pinky January 15, 2009
Other Peoples' Kids.

I like my own children just fine, but man, I really can't STAND OPKs.
by Chrome Toaster September 18, 2008
Ovulation predictor kit
While trying to conceive a baby you take an OPK so you know when you're ovulating.

Yay I got a positive OPK!
Sad day I got a negative OPK.
by IamwhoIam... September 20, 2011
Over Privileged Kid. The kind that gets designer clothes for their layette set, wears those special-edition Pampers, and is taught from the moment they're born that they hung the moon, they are a Special Case, and the world revolves around them.

Can be identified by their tendency to scream as if being disembowelled when they are denied something they want. This trait can--and usually does--last a lifetime.
Nobody wants to play with Jordan, she's such an OPK.
by orinoco womble August 02, 2010
one punch knockout; to knock someone unconscious with one punch
"you should have been at the club yesterday, LD fully OPK'ed this guy cause he made fun of his sideburns"
by mikemikemikeee February 05, 2008

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