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11 definitions by kahda

pl. noun: 1)the lights on a police cruiser
2)trippy flashing lights at a club that ppz under the influence really dig b/c it trips out their brain.
1.) so this pig flicks on his strobes when i passed him doin a buck 10.

2.) I only dig clubz wit strobes.
by kahda September 14, 2004
{verb}.: To penetrate her cunt with your index & middle finger while simultaneously frigging her browneye with the leftover ring & pinky fingers.
2 in the cunt, 2 in the rump
obviously named after that Vulcan, Mr. Spock's hand gesture. come on he was the biggest perv on that show. he showed it to Uhura all the time.
homie: wait you gave her the love gun last night?
me: actually I vulcanized her instead.
she's freaky-deaky dutch like that
by kahda July 19, 2004
pl. noun: the flashing lights/strobes on a police cruiser.
as soon as I drove by, the 5-0 turnt his blues on.
by kahda September 14, 2004
to go buy some joints
I tote guns, I make number runs
-Biggie Smalls
by kahda July 20, 2004