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Worldwide political, financial, environmental, and moral armageddillennium caused by HRH George W.'dubya' Bush in his endgame pursuit to enrich himself and his cronies before being run out of office.
Guy #1: Found a job yet?
Guy #2: No, man, no jobs anywhere.
Guy #1: I guess this dubya dubya three is everywhere.
Guy #1: And not going away anytime soon.
by k2kate December 07, 2008
1:7 ratio of beers admitted having drunk versus beers actually drank
In dog beers, 1 dog beer = 1 6-pack + 1 beer
by k2kate October 20, 2010
A person from the frozen north who holds and misuses authority for his or her own self-serving, short-sighted, manipulative gain. Ethically challenged; devoid of prefrontal cortex activity. Makes being trailer trash look like a promotion
Woman #1: Didn't that Tundra trash go back to Alaska...what was her name, anyway?
Woman #2: Oh, you mean Sara Palin. I hear she's going to run for POTUS in 2012.
Woman #1: Sweet polevaulting Jesus! How can she not know she's a national joke!?!
by k2kate December 07, 2008
Exclamation of equal parts disgust, disbelief, shock, and horrified concern for the speaker or situation referred to.
Guy #1: I didn't think Palin was so bad. Why didn't you women vote for her, anyway?
Girl #1: Sweet polevaulting Jesus, Caribou Barbie was the ultimate parody of a token! I don't know where the Gay Old Pedophiles find these incompetent candidates. She's tundra trash at it's worst, pimping out her office and family like she did.
Guy #1: OK, OK! Settle down!
by k2kate December 07, 2008
Statement, usually stupid, sarcastic, and/or indicative to a sexually moronic male who uses cheap shots to incite feminine ire. Word play on "dead man walking", i.e., referencing the near-status of said tried, convicted, and soon-to-be-dead male. If said male wished to live, he best STFU.
Guy: (Come-on line)Soooo...ya hear that new blonde joke with the...
Girl: (Interrupting): (yells): Dead man talking!
(All other women in the room lean out or off of their cubicles/workspaces/barstools with a deathglare on their faces)
Guy: Nevermind.
by k2kate January 28, 2009
The "congregation" that people belong to who are too tired, lazy, or burned out on organized religion to attend a real church: they sleep in on Sundays.
Nosy co-worker: "So, what church do you attend?"

Actual worker: "Saint Mattress (aka: St. Mattress). I sleep in on Sundays."
by K2kate May 02, 2010
Really good catnip.
Guy: Hey! What's up with your cat? He's running around all crazy like!

Girl: Oh, that. He's been into the meowie wowwie again and it gets him really wound up. Like a shot of whiskey does you.
by k2kate May 12, 2010

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