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7 definitions by k1llu2

A comidian who pissed off about pretty much everything. His health spa is IHOP, his favorite drug is nyquil, he hates being jewish and he dicovered why we get an aniurism. He has a segment on the Daily Show called Back in Black.
"I would have celebrated christmas this year but i can't because i'm fucking jewish" -Lewis Black
by k1llu2 May 30, 2004
755 107
A rock band that brought greatness out of simplicity. Created by the Young brothers, the band has changed alot since its beginning. These guys are fifty years old and they are still rocking as hard as ever.
ACDC will rock until the end of time
by k1llu2 November 28, 2004
280 122
The Egyption God of the dead. He has a jackle's head and he guides you in death. Infact he's your freind so don't piss him off. If you do he'll feed yur heart to a crocidile
Anubis is cooler than God
by k1llu2 May 02, 2004
79 51
anime show about an organisation of witch hunters. The main character is a freaky gothish girl who can light shit on fire just by looking at them. Its a good show but its creepy as hell
fire fire everywhere
by k1llu2 May 30, 2004
32 7
a blissful abcence of sophistication
Earl: I'm frum alabamuh!
Hippie: dude totaly frozen cat fetus!
by K1llu2 May 08, 2004
53 37
A realy old guy with a falcon head. He wears the sun on his head and ride a scarab to work (fighting a big snake)
Ra is a funny old dude
by k1llu2 May 02, 2004
32 32
The giant battle between gods and giants where everyone dies. All except for a dragon 2 humans and a squerrel named jeff.
anti-big bang effect
by k1llu2 May 02, 2004
7 17