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When someone calls your office phone and you transfer them to a random number from a department you choose because you either can't find the correct number or you don't feel like looking it up.
Co-worker: Who just called?

You: I'm not really sure but I totally just blind transferred him to some one in human resources.
by jxb December 29, 2008
We all know that females travel in packs. The guard bitch is the ugly friend(s) that guard the hot girls from unwanted men.
I went to the club the other night and i totally got cock blocked by a guard bitch!
by jxb December 29, 2008
Verb. The activity of purposely looking at facebook albums to find pictures of cleavage. Typically found in pictures from a club night, beach vacation, or pool party. This activity usual just leads to looking up porn.
Hey man, I was doing a Facebook Cleavage Search last night and saw that Sarah's friend tagged her in a bunch of club photos. She was looking hot!
by jxb December 09, 2011
A clause stated when you are picking football games for money or fun that allows you to change Florida as a winner or loser based on whether Tim Tebow will be playing or not.
Hey who are you picking this weekend? I'm going to go with Florida I think. Wait, did we establish the Tebow Clause this week?
by jxb October 07, 2009
The one guy that is a car hop at Sonic Drive In restaurants. Usually a dissapointing sight since you are expecting a friendly female car hop.
Driver: That ball game was pretty awsome huh?

Passenger: It sure was. Crap...

Driver: What?

Passenger: We've got a guy hop deliver our food.

Driver: Damn.
by jxb May 25, 2009
A lesbian who is flaky. She will ditch any plans at the last minute when her girlfriend calls or when she just doesn't want to do something.
So we were supposed to have a dinner party and my friend ended went to Europe for an art convention. She is such a flesbian!
by jxb May 13, 2009
Someone who is fucking retarded.
Person 1: Why is Sam getting back with that girl who cheated on him 3 times?

Person 2: He is such a fucktard!
by jxb December 29, 2008

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