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A person who drives like a drunk because they're busy talking on their cell phone. They are easily identified by erratic driving such as swerving, driving 10 miles below the speed limit, failing to signal, forgetting to look in their mirrors, and cutting people off.
"Could that phunk driver possibly drive any slower!?"

"Phunk driving really gets on my nerves, I wish they'd hang up the freaking phone and drive!"
#phunkdriver #phunk-driver #idiot #moron #bad driver
by jwebert November 27, 2007
An acronym pronounced like "honk." It refers to a "Dick," "Dumb-ass," "Douche," (or other "D" word) ON a Cell-phone. Most often applied to a person who is so busy talking on the cell phone that they drive like an idiot, eg: drive ten miles under the speed limit, don't use their mirrors, don't signal, etc. It can also be applied to a cell user in other circumstances like a movie theater, elevator, or other inappropriate/annoying places.
"Man, that donc just cut me off!"

"I wish that donc would hang up and drive!"

"If that donc doesn't hang up when the movie starts, I'm going to throw my show at him!"
#douche #douche-bag #idiot #cell-phone #donc
by jwebert November 27, 2007
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