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a combination of two root words; faux (meaning false) and aussie (meaning australian). describing one who falsely identifies him/herself with australian heritage, predominantly by mimicking a strong australian accent. this practice is commonly used when trying to seduce a very gullible and/or intoxicated individual.
1: (strong faussie accent) "ah, c'mon why won't you let me go 'down under' on you?"

2: "because i'm sober and you're clearly canadian."
by juko27 March 22, 2010
a branch of feminism practiced by men in the hopes that they will 'get' with disillusioned or politically saavy chicks.
taken from the surname of the norwegian playwright, henrik ibsen, who purported to be a feminist in order to seduce women much younger than he.
1: "yo i didn't know jim was a women's studies major?"
2: "yah, he's really into that feminibsen stuff."
by juko27 March 10, 2010

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