4 definitions by juicebox

one who reads a blog without ever commenting on the posts
Dude, how come you never comment about anything I write on my site? You're such a lurker.
by juicebox February 09, 2005
same as the others but that taylor kid f'ed-up that quote so badly i have to make amends
Tony- "the bookies got blagged..."
Avi- "Speak English Tony, i thought the country spawned the fucking language, but so far no one seems to speak it"
Tony- "blagged... robbed."
by juicebox March 18, 2005
n. The coolest motherfucker around.

adj. Incredibly cool and kick-ass.
1. Kracky is the shiznit.

2. That was pretty kracky when those two hot chicks made out.
by Juicebox May 07, 2003
a person who gives out personal information too freely and too early in any relationship
Jenn is such an info ho. She told me all about her toe fungus on our first date.
by Juicebox April 11, 2005

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