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wearing all red.. or all red and black
he looked like a blood he was flamed up
by juggalopride187 July 06, 2006
when gangs appraoch u and ask wat set u r from...
i was wearin all red in daygo and got banged on
by juggalopride187 July 07, 2006
2 juggalos rappers who are now signed 2 psychopathic records
they are twinz and their names are otis and bonez dubb
and they are forever
alotta ppl hate on axe murder boyz beacuse they won the underground psychos contest and are now signed by ICP
by juggalopride187 June 08, 2006
Jugglin- A term used
When a Juggalo Just sits around listening 2 juggalo music,watchin a dvd or doing anything involving other juggalos!
** Brian** hey Mostastless Watare u doin..
** mostasteless**.. nothin just bumpin the wraith and watchin road fools.. ya kno just juggalin
by juggalopride187 June 08, 2006
a term used often by bonethugs
a thuggalo is a juggalo who acts/or is black,lives in the ghetto, and is a thug but is still a juggalo
yea he was a thuggalo he had a fubu outfit wit a hatchetman shirt and a detroit hat
by juggalopride187 June 08, 2006

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