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The best way of saving audio files. A thousand times better than Shitty MP3 Sound.
When I was young, I though I could save space and record all my composed music in .MP3 and found out later that when I did my first recording, I could hear disturbing artifacts. Later on, I realized that it could be fixed but also found out that even with a good codec, MP3's will always sound terrible from WAV files.
by judenihal January 26, 2010
Something that people make up to create problems for other people.
The court considered a minor crime an 'incident', just because it was a little against the law.
by judenihal February 09, 2009
The Macintosh Version of the Lossless WAV format. Good file format to work with for editing audio on Macintosh based computers and is much better than shit quality mp3 files.
Some Macintosh people claim that WAV is like MP3 and AIFF is the only lossless format, yet they are wrong and only think that Macs do the best for audio format. They are BOTH THE SAME!
by judenihal January 26, 2010
Owned by the rival unexpectedly and illegally.

Another way of saying "Invaded".

Word of Origin:

Americans took over Iraq in 2003 by bombing Baghdad, which is an illegal act towards the UN and the world.
Example 1:

The American's Illegally Iraqed Iraq by bombing Baghdad and overthrew Saddam Hussein and now has full control of the oil and the country.

Example 2:

The hacker Iraqed the computer network system and now has the capibility of changing private information secretly.
by judenihal July 22, 2008
All American Rejects - Gives You Hell. Also Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA.
The shit song is overplayed and is not my favourite song, yet its a big hit in the US.
by judenihal March 16, 2010
A shitty audio format which removes the detail from uncompressed lossless audio files, which sound so much better than MP3, WMA or any lossy file format around the 3 MB range.
MP3 may be good for basic talk and space saving, but terrible for music.
by judenihal January 26, 2010
Nothing special, only good for text. The best way of storing data out of the way from your personal computer, but a very bad idea and very expensive since computers these days aren't just tools. They are personal datacenters for music, video, etc. and Cloud Computing is only good for low quality media and basic text which computers have been doing that since the 1980's. Everybody says its great because it is secure and stored away from you and I agree, but really. Its not.
Music producers and Multimedia experts will face nothing but disappointment when using cloud computing. If you write stories and just want to save your stories away from your computer and access them from anywhere, then its fine, but really. Having your stuff on the internet, encrypted with a password doesn't mean security can be broken. It can.
by judenihal January 25, 2010

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