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A half-assed effort. Trying less than 50%. Minimum amount of effort. To try-n't.
The people that leave their shopping carts next to, but outside of, the cart corral, at the market, are doing a halffort.
by juan phat kat November 30, 2010
Someone having a midlife crisis in the 2010s that is compulsively adding 'must do' things to their bucket list.
Bike shop employee: "Since cycling became the new golf, I had another guy drop $10,000 on a road bike, even though he hasn't exerted himself since he was 12 years old. Good luck with that, bucket lister."
by juan phat kat September 21, 2013
Selling a thought, information, or style as your own to a neophyte so others can be impressd by your knowledge, even though you spent the last 78 minutes on the Internet looking up the info you are spewing.
The guys I work with copy and paste info to the customers so they can assert their 'GURU' status.
by juan phat kat November 27, 2010
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