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An aphrodisiac recommended and used by Bill Cosby.
Bill's having a hard time getting it up. Get him some pudding!
by jshade June 26, 2007
The CIA agent who recently confessed on his death bed to playing a major part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also commonly thought to be one of the three tramps apprehended by Dallas police, but later released. He was an evil sociopathic G Man.
E. Howard Hunt was a CIA agent who had no conscience, and could kill without remorse.
by jshade June 18, 2007
The man who had a major part in the assassination of JFK. Also, he just happend to be the Vice President under JFK. A prime example of one of the many sociopaths who gain access to seats of power.
Lyndon B. Johnson sure was a douchebag, huh?
by jshade June 18, 2007

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