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A person who continually stuffs themselves within a inch of their life on garbage junk food. They usually end up getting a funky "butt in front" gut.
Pokey scarfed a bottle of pickled pig hooves, wolfed down six salisbury t.v. dinners, then washed it down with boxed wine.

He's a real garbage gut.
by jrubadubee May 01, 2010
When someone gets twisted from having too many cold ones and get super "spinny."

This state of drunkenness occurs most frequently with sorority girls and beer sluts.
Kaitlyn: I wanna get faded.

Harper: like, totally.

Kaitlyn: glug, glug, glug, glug, glug. (Does five jaeger bombs in a row). Wow. I'm spinny drunk.

Harper: lets go to Cody's house.

Kaitlyn: (falls to the floor).
by jrubadubee May 01, 2010

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