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a massive shit you do the day after a heavy nights drinking

usually comes around midday
it is excelled from your body at an alarming pace and tends to be as black as death itself
Hal: you were pretty smashed last night mate, how are you?
Josh: im not too bad, just had a right painful post-drinking poo though
by joshinho April 07, 2010
the same as saying fair does, but tends to be used infront of a jew
simply used as a minor annoyance
Sam: I cant make it to town today

Gotta go to the synagogue with my family
Josh: Fair Jews
Sam: OI
by Joshinho January 08, 2010
combination of the words NEck & fACE
is an alternative to the double chin but with excessive effect as the owner of a neace has no specific neck or face.
the fat bastard just has one extended flabby bit of skin

similar to kankle but on the face
First Person: wow look at that fat shit
Second Person: yeh look how huge he is, hes even got a Neace!
by Joshinho January 08, 2010
sexual inuendo

varnishing being lube
wood being your penis

preparation for masturbation or sex
Girlfriend: hey are you ready love, or do you need help varnishing your wood
Boyfriend: im already on it dear
by joshinho April 08, 2010
when someone is so ugly there face is a mix between a face and an arse
often so ugly the person should be kept inside a dark room at all times as they are breaching human rights by showing thier farse to innocent by-standers
Tom: wow look how ugly she is, who'd get with her
Josh: no-one, she should be locked away with that farse
Tom: you're right, i feel physicallly ill
by joshinho April 08, 2010
derived from the cliche "too many cooks spoil the broth"

1. saying used when homosexuals get involved with a straight mans relationship.
its implying that the gay want a piece of the action

2. used against an ugly women when they are trying to get with a man
implying they are so ugly they are infact a man and have a cock

Jim: This gay guy keeps trying to give me relationship advice
Josh: haha well you no what they say, 'too many cocks spoil the broth'. he clearly wants you to
Jim: o god no!


Tom: have you heard that ellie is trying to get with jim
Josh: jesus christ shes disgusting
Tom: yeh i've been telling jim 'too many cocks spoil the broth'
by joshinho April 08, 2010
the coolest way of saying wicked/cool

originally derived from a typo on facebook chat
Josh: that film was wakka

Tom: what?

Josh: its the coolest way of saying cool
by joshinho July 16, 2010

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