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noun verb: (to be) Devoid of luck, clumsy, clown-like. Often accompanied with metaphorical horse-mouth. Almost perfect antonym to geeb.
he binksed it up. cheers binks (derogatory)
by josef November 17, 2003
The contraction of the words "queer" and "gay"
"Man, Reuben is quay"
by Josef March 02, 2005
From the word damn.
Used as an exclamation when the unforeseen occurs.
"Daaaamn, cracka! That little white boy busted nuts on that rail!"
by Josef April 07, 2005
From naw (not?) and caucasian.
Not a white person.
"Fuck yo naucasion ass!"
by Josef April 07, 2005
a dumb guy, usually a kizleberg
shut up you stupid clownowitz
by Josef March 07, 2005
The act of smoking mairjuana out of a bong
Nikolai is taking a bong check
by Josef March 07, 2005
synonomous for a kike
the owner of the restaurant is a kizleberg
by Josef March 07, 2005

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