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225 definitions by jordan

Means son of a bitch
Those kids are such sobs
by Jordan September 19, 2003
this word does not exist... the proper term is cunnilingus
this guy has probably never engaged in cunnilingus
by Jordan June 15, 2004
Whe you can see a girls pussy through her pants?
Her camel toe is hott!
by Jordan February 08, 2005
Calgary's finest biotch.
Fuck, not only is Alberta rich in natural resources... wait, ASS is a natural resource. Nevermind.
by Jordan October 14, 2004
Best time killing game ever invented and is very usefull when trying to fuck with teachers ect. at school.
Lets go play hack in the hall during lunch untill we get kicked out and have to go to another hallway.
by jordan May 08, 2004
The best fucking punk band ever. JELLO = THE MOST INCREDIBLEY TALENTED PERSON ON EARTH. DK is nothing without him. You SHALL obey them.
I <3 Jello.
Wow. I can't beleive i ever wasted my time listening to crappy bands when i could've just put on some DK...
by Jordan December 17, 2004
what the deuce
wtd is your problem
by jordan May 26, 2004