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A hot sex goddess.
Usually to kill someone. Such as Kain.
I summmon Maydra! On a shadow dragon of love!

Oh man that girls a maydra for sure!

Dian used a Maydra to obliverate kain.
by Jordan March 16, 2005
When a lone finger breaks through the toilet paper and comes out covered in fecal matter. Although usually dark, color may very from red to green, tan, white, or purple.
"I can't believe how cheap the bathroom tp is! That is the first aunt jamima I have had since I was a young child."
by Jordan January 04, 2004
To dance...get your groove on
Heather...I so cannot wait for prom so I can bust a moby on the dance floor.
by Jordan May 08, 2003
Underground (indie) music that appeals to a discerning, educated audience keen on cynicism and dejected wit. The music itself is often mellow yet complex- a reflection of its audience's personality.

Smart rock is the antonym of Dude rock.
Instead of studying their AP English Literature homework, William and Sara made out to Smart rock on the couch.
by Jordan May 06, 2004
The Ultimate Cocktease
Shes a right Baroness
by Jordan February 22, 2004
best fast food product known to man. Consists of shredded iceberg lettuce and cups of mayonase. Proctor and Wall of Styrofoam love kcf shredders.
Get the shredd in your headd
by jordan December 08, 2003
A bitch ass hoe who likes to suck on my big fat nuts
by Jordan February 25, 2003

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